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BuzzBand and Buzzby

The BuzzBand App

Each BuzzBand app is designed to work with a specific type of wearable and to act as the gateway from Buzzby to the wearable.

When Buzzby receives a notification which gets through the buzz rules and is allowed to buzz, Buzzby passes the notification to the BuzzBand app which then sends the notfication on to the wearable. Depending on the capabilities of the wearable and the Buzzband app the result might be anything from a simple vibration of the band to a complex display of some of the information from the notification.

BuzzBand Versions

The currently available BuzzBand apps are listed below. Follow the link for specific details on obtaining and using each app.

  • BuzzBand_AndroidWear: for Android Wearable devices.

  • BuzzBand_SOLEUS: for the 'SOLEUS GO!' Bluetooth band.

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