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BuzzBand for SOLEUS

The BuzzBand_SOLEUS App

This section describes the SOLEUS version of the BuzzBand app (available on Google Play Store).

The app acts as the link between Buzzby and a SOLEUS Bluetooth band.

When Buzzby decides a notification should buzz the band, Buzzby passes the notification to the BuzzBand_SOLEUS app which is then responsible for getting the band to vibrate and display the notification.

The SOLEUS band limits the length of the display text to 48 characters and also places limits on the types of characters which can be displayed (only a subset of plain ASCII is shown and they are converted to upper case).

Setting up Buzzband and a SOLEUS Band

Pair the SOLEUS Band with your phone

The BuzzBand app can't talk to the band until it is paired with the phone.

Go to the Settings and Bluetooth section of your phone and check that the SOLEUS band is listed there:

Tap on the icon on the right to see if the band is paired:

If the band is not paired, press the dimpled (left side) button on the band repeating till the band displays 'PAIR'. Then release and hold the button in till the band says it is pairing. Quickly move to the phone and make it visible to Bluetooth devices and tell it to search for the band. When the band shows up on the phone, tap the entry to make the phone pair with the band.

Finding the SOLEUS Band from BuzzBand

Once the band and phone are paired, you need to get BuzzBand_SOLEUS to recognize the band.

Start BuzzBand_SOLEUS on the phone and tap on the 'Scan for ...' button. A scanning dialog will appear for a while and the count it shows should go to at least 1 as it finds the SOLEUS band.

After the scanning dialog goes away the spinner will show (possibly after a few seconds) the band selected.

If no band appears, BuzzBand didn't find a device it could understand. If repeated attempts to get BuzzBand to accept a band fail, then it won't be possible to use the band with BuzzBand.

Test the link between BuzzBand and the selected SOLEUS Band

Once the band is displayed you can try a test message by tapping the 'Test Buzz' button. When the button is tapped your band should show the message as below:

If the test works, you can now set up Buzzby to pass notifications through to the BuzzBand_SOLEUS app.

Create the link between Buzzby and the BuzzBand_SOLEUS app

Start Buzzby on the phone and go to it's Buzz tab. Then make sure that at least the check marks below are present:

The setup is now complete. Any notification that gets through Buzzby's buzz rules and allows a buzz of some kind will be relayed to your SOLEUS band.

BuzzBand_SOLEUS Usage

The setup procedure above has discussed the use of the two buttons visible in the app.

The only other accessible functions are the checkboxes in the bottom half of the panel

The checkboxes provide an additional level of functionality over that provided by Buzzby. Buzzby directs any notificiations which get through the buzz rules to the BuzzBand app, but you can use the checkboxes to further filter the notifications before they reach the SOLEUS band.

Each checkbox that is checked potentially reduces the number of notifications passed to the band.

As an example, suppose we set up Buzzby to keep a watch for many keywords or phrases using extraction rules and also create a sound rule for each of the extraction rules so that a match on any one of the extraction rules produces a specific sound. At the same time there might be many other notificiations which cause a buzz, but we let those produce a default sound. In such a scenario, we could set the checkboxes as below:

The impact of this combination of settings in Buzzby and BuzzBand_SOLEUS is that the phone produces a range of sounds depending on incoming notifications, but only notifications which match the extraction rules and their associated sound rules will appear on the band.

For details on the meaning of the checkboxes see the Buzzby documentation for default sounds and sound rules.

BuzzBand_SOLEUS Requirements

Android OS version should be 4.4 or higher.

The app requests the following permissions:

  • Read/Write External Storage - The app creates and uses a folder called BuzzBand_SOLEUS when in debug mode to create a trace file for debugging purpose. The permission is not used by the app when downloaded from Google Play Store.

  • Bluetooth - These permissions are needed for the app to be able to communicate with the SOLEUS band.

  • Receive Boot Completed - The app uses this permission so that it can start automatically each time the phone is turned on.

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