Buzzby available on Google Play
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for Android

The app that creates a notification hub.

Want to play a special sound for messages from a special person?

Check out Buzzby.

Buzzby keeps all your notifications in a database on your phone.

View and organize past notifications from the one app.

Too much noise to hear notifications? Get a wearable to buzz your wrist.

Watch the videos to see how it's done:
  • Buzzby Basics
  • Play a sound when a particular SMS comes in
  • Create a rule for selecting notifications
  • Some other things about Buzzby on this site:
  • Browse through the Buzzby panels
  • How Buzzby is directed to manage notifications
  • What does Buzzby need to run on your phone
  • The Buzzby manual
  • Apps linking Buzzby to a Wearable:
  • BuzzBand apps - What they do
  • BuzzBand_AndroidWear - Connecting to an Android Wearable
  • BuzzBand_SOLEUS - Connecting to a SOLEUS band

  • Privacy Policy