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What does Buzzby need to run on Your Phone

Android Versions

The ability for apps to read notification information started with Android 4.3, so the minimum system level is 4.3.

Additional Software

If you plan to use a wearable with Buzzby, check which wearables are supported by BuzzBand apps and then install the matching BuzzBand (eg. BuzzBand_AndroidWear if you plane to use an AndroidWear device).

File Area

Buzzby creates a folder on your SD card (or equivalent) called 'Buzzby'. You should be able to see the folder easily with a File Manager app, or when you plug your phone into a computer. The database can be exported to this folder. It is also the folder to place any rule files created by you. Buzzby looks in this folder for changed rule files every time it is brought to the screen.

User Settings

Notifications can't be seen by Buzzby until you explicitly give it permission in the 'Settings' area. This permission can not be granted during the install process, so if you don't go to the right section in settings before first running Buzzby, you will see a panel appear when Buzzby starts asking you to tap a button to take you to the right spot in 'Settings' to enable the permission so Buzzby can start seeing notifications.


Buzzby requests the following permissions:

  • Read/Write External Storage - It needs this to create the Buzzby folder and maintain the database. The app only accesses files inside the Buzzby folder (or inside the Buzzby apk file).

  • Bluetooth - It needs this to be able to talk to a Bluetooth band.

  • Receive Boot Completed - It needs this so that it automatically restarts each time you power on your phone

  • Device Power - This permission allows Buzzby to be informed that the power on the phone is being turned off. It needs to know this to close it's database in an orderly fashion.

  • No other permissions are requested, so Buzzby can not do things like send data to places outside your phone or read your contacts list. Notifications do contain information that might also be in your contacts list (such as people's names), but please note that such information goes into the Buzzby database which is on the same phone as your contacts list, and the database is not visible to other applications unless you export it.

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