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How Buzzby is Directed to Manage Notifications

Once you install Buzzby it sits and waits for notifications. It does that whether you are looking at Buzzby or using some other app. When a notification occurs, Buzzby saves most of the details to its growing database of notifications. Then, Buzzby checks through the list of rules it has (some sent out with Buzzby as part of the installation and others created by you) to decide whether the notification should be visible inside Buzzby's notification tab, whether a sound should be played or a Bluetooth band should get buzzed.

Using rules you can stop notifications producing any sounds and buzzes at one end of the scale, or at the other end produce specific sounds for notifications from a particular person or on specific topic.

Rules are created in Buzzby through a series of panels that get selected when you tap on an existing notification (you can see what this looks like by tapping or clicking through some of the panels on our site). When you run a mouse over the panels you will see hotspots. Choose a notification to get started here.

There are buzz rules that determine if notifications are allowed to buzz.

There are sound rules that determine what sound should be played when a notification is allowed to play a sound.

There are filter rules to let you hide the less interesting notifications or select just very specific ones for viewing.

And finally, there are extraction rules which scan the ticker text in notifications trying to find specific bits of text. When extraction rules match a notification (ie. they find the text they are designed to search for), rules of the other three types can be activated allowing them to operate on a select set of notifications. Extraction rules have some similarities to search terms you put into a web search engine, but Buzzby's are not quite so powerful. However, they operate in real time on notifications as they appear not just on things that have happened in the past.

Some of the videos show you how rules are made and used. There are more example in the help embedded in the app on the phone and that help is duplicated here on our website.

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