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Notification Database

Buzzby uses an SQLite database to store notifications and a lot of other information such as rules and icons.

Notifications will be stored from the moment you first allow Buzzby to see notifications using the panel in system settings:

Over time the database might contains tens or even hundreds of thousands of notifications. The 'NOTIFICATION' tab acts a window onto the database of notifications. The notifications are displayed in time order with the most recent at the top:

Buzzby provides a number of mechanisms for finding notifications again. For instance, the 'from' and 'to' buttons at the top of the tab can be used to select a date range for display of notifications:

Another way of organizing notifications (with filters) is described here.

Because notifications can contain personal or sensitive information the database is not accessible to other apps, it is kept in a part of the phone only Buzzby can see.

Buzzby provides a way of moving your database from your old phone to your new one. On the 'OPTIONS' tab is a button for closing the database:

When the button is tapped a panel pops up allowing you to not only close the database, but export it to a folder where you can copy it to another device:

Importing a database can be done when you need to reopen the database:

The panel that appears in this case allows you to import rather than just open the database:

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