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Notification Organization


The number of notifications which can end up in the Buzzby database could be very large over time. Occasionally you will want to find some subset of them, or even ignore ones that are just clutter.

Buzzby provides a simple to use date range mechanism through the 'from' and 'to' buttons at the top of the 'NOTIFICATION' tab. But here we are going to talk about using filter rules to select out specific notifications for viewing.

Filter Rules

Filter rules in Buzzby are used to hide or show notifications.

Filter rules are made by tapping on a notification to produce the summary panel:

A rule contains information about which part of a notification should match the rule if the rule is to hide or show the notification. Tapping the filter button produces a panel for creating a new filter in this case (since there are no existing filters present). A blank form panel for creating a rule looks like this:

The top two checkboxes determine what impact the filter rule will have. if the rule is not made active, the rule has no impact at all. This allows you to build up a set of rules and turn them on and off when you need them rather than recreating them.

The top check box determines whether the rule hides or displays matching notifications.

The remaining checkboxes are used to set the match criteria.

An Example

In this example we are going to use pick out notifications which refer to the planet 'Pluto' and make the 'NOTIFICATION' tab show just those notifications and hide all the rest. Let's start from the blank filter creation panel. First we fill in the top two checkboxes:

That ensures the notifications that match are shown and all non-matching ones are hidden.

Now we need to choose the criteria for matching. On another page we created a tag for playing sounds when a notification arrived which mentioned 'Pluto'. We can use part of that for our task here.

The matching criterion we want to use to select those notifications which match the extraction rule that is looking for the word 'Pluto'. So we tap on the line on the row shown below:

The result will be for the current list of extraction rules to be shown in a new panel:

We select the extraction rule which matches against the word 'Pluto':

The rule looks quite complex, but the process of making it was not as hard as the result appears!

Having selected the extraction rule and exited the selection panel we are left with result in our filter creation panel:

So now we have all the components of filter rule ready:

When we exit via the 'Create new rule' button Buzzby applies the filter to the notifications and we see the result:

You can see in the rightmost column the rresults from any matching extraction rules, and each notification has a 'Pluto' entry.

To get the hidden notifications back again, we would tap on any notification, go to the filter and uncheck the active and reverse checkboxes and save the filter. Buzzby would then display all the notifications as before.

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