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Buzzby Apps Privacy Policy

Buzzby App

Buzzby stores all your notifications in a database and some of those notifications may contain personal data (eg. SMS notifications). However, the database is kept in a folder on your phone in an area only Buzzby can access (other apps are prohobited from accessing Buzzby's data).

Buzzby does not fetch any personal data on is own, it only receives data from notifications. No data it receives is sent to apps other than BuzzBand apps (when you use Buzzby with a wearable).

If you choose to export your Buzzby database (via the 'Additional functions' entry in the menu), the data is left in a file in the Buzzby folder on your phone and that folder is visible to other apps, so exported Buzzby databases should not be left lying around.

If you use Buzzby with a wearable, personal data may be transmitted between the wearable and the phone (eg. an SMS) depending on the notifications created on your phone. Buzzby does not encrypt traffic between the phone and the wearable, relying solely on the Android system.

BuzzBand Apps

BuzzBand apps (eg. BuzzBand_AndroidWear) only pass notifications on, they do not save or extract data on their own.

The Buzzby Website

The website does not capture any data about individuals. No tracking of page use on the site is carried out. Site visitors are not required to create accounts or to login.

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