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Notification Selection


There are a few scenarios in which you might want to play a specific sound when certain notifications appear. One scenario (play a specific sound when a particular person sends you an email or SMS) is covered in one of our videos.

In this section we concentrate on a different scenario. Here we assume you have a feed or feeds producing notifications and you want to play a specific sound when an incoming notification mentions a particular topic. The topic could be a country, a town, a business, a product, a person, a group, or anything that has a unique name (something to general like 'George' would probably not do!).

We are going to go through the steps in setting up Buzzby to do this using the NASA fly-by of Pluto as our topic.

Buzzby provides a place where you can set up such 'searches'. The word search is quoted here as we intend to use this not on old notifications (although we could), but on incoming notifications as they arrive in real-time.

Start Creating a Tag

To get underway we go to the 'OPTIONS' tab and tap on the 'Tag List' button.

The current list of tags will show in a new panel, but you should tap on the 'Create a rulest' button.

Fill in a tag name:

Open up the spinner to select a sound source:

Here we selected a notification sound:

It might be easier to make a sound for a specific search rather than have to remember which sound is associated with the search. You can use your voice recorder to make a short sound clip (you saying 'Pluto' in this case) and use the sound file as part of the rule. Then when a notification comes in matching the rule, your recorded sound clip will play and it will be obvious which rule has been matched.

Now we need to start filling in any keywords which will be used to select notifications. You can put in up to 9 keyword expressions. The expressions work like an 'OR' operation, so a notification needs to match on just one of the possible 9 expressions to qualify for playing the sound. In our example we will use 2 lines. First we use 'Pluto':

But we also want notifications that just mention the spacecraft 'New Horizon':

See here for details on the syntax for expressions. Finally, we tap the 'Save' button to complete the ruleset creation process and end up back at the tag list with the new tag showing:

From the entry for 'Pluto references' above you can see that the ruleset created contains 2 extraction rules (which search notification text for 'Pluto' and 'New Horizon', and 2 sound rules (which play a sound when an extraction rule matches). The sound rules are made active straight away, so there is nothing left to do but wait for matching notifications to turn up.

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